Front-end webdeveloper at Egeniq

Front-end webdeveloper at Egeniq
Android developer at Egeniq

Passion, scalability, achievements, safety, and architecture. That’s Egeniq in five words. We are an innovative and pioneering team that is looking for one more important player: you! You may be the front-end web developer who can make our team complete. Someone with extensive experience in working with modern JavaScript frameworks, such as Vue.js, HTML, and CSS. Someone who is always aware of the latest trends and developments.

This is you

  • You keep surprising clients with your skills and drive.
  • For you, self-development is a major goal—that’s a mentality that is partly responsible for our growing client base.
  • Your curiosity regarding the newest features leads you to explore blogs and social media so you’re always up to date on the most sophisticated tools.
  • You share the knowledge that you have gathered on your own blog, website or GitHub account.
  • You are familiar with a techstack like React, Vue.js and TypeScript.
  • Essentially, you are a front-end web developer in heart and soul. “Standard” is not in your vocabulary.

This is what you’ll do at Egeniq

  • You’ll create amazing responsive apps for mobile, tablet, desktop and TV, and you’ll make a real difference. We work with modern JavaScript frameworks, such as Vue.js.
  • You’ll work in a company that has ambitious objectives. With us, you are at the beginning of something valuable and great, and your input will help shape the future of this company.
  • You’ll get genuine respect for your work. Our management team has a technical background and therefore  understands how you perceive your work and the challenges it poses.
  •  Join a work environment where you feel perfectly happy, wherever you settle down.
  • Together with our other web developers, you’ll realise the best browser experience in code.
  • You’ll provide input as regards the implementation and technical feasibility of the projects.
  • Your know-how and clear view will enable you to anticipate threats and tackle them directly. But you’ll also recognise opportunities, which you won’t hesitate to grab with both hands!
  • You’ll be working with the Gadget Kit: MacBook Pro, 27” 5k display, and all of the devices you’ll  need for the apps that you are going to build.
  • You’ll get items for making your office at home an ideal place to work, such as a standing desk, a good office chair, and a mobile AC unit.

This is what we expect from you

  • An extensive knowledge of JavaScript frameworks, such as Vue.js.
  • Modern HTML and CSS fit you like a glove.
  • Transferring UX designs into high-performance responsive web applications is easy for you.
  • Applications with large numbers of concurrent users make you smile.

This is Egeniq

Egeniq’s approach includes working just as well with the team as with its clients. Innovative projects with a great deal of exposure require this type of collaboration. As our colleague, you can function smoothly in agile development teams, and you fluently speak the same technology language as your co-workers. At Egeniq, we are digital nomads co-operating as a team. Of course, we also see each other now and then. We get together for our Christmas and summer events, for example, as well as at our meetings at the office once or twice a month.

Does our story appeal to you?

Please contact us. Send us your CV and motivation via and we will get back to you as soon as possible.