Schedule 2023

12 May 2023 Conference Pathé Amsterdam Noord

Appdevcon + Endpoint
Future Tech Pathe 1 Architecture Pathe 2 Apple Tech Pathe 3 Google Tech Pathe 4 Backend Tech Pathe 5 Frontend Tech Pathe 6 Best Practices Pathe 7 Multi platform Tech Pathe 8 Podcasts Pathe Lounge
08:30 Welcome and registration 08:30
09:00 Problem Solvers Jeff Watkins
Inspiration Keynote
09:45 Room switch 09:45
09:50 Privacy and speed: The story behind our face blurring solution Evgeniya Sukhodolskaya
AI Case Study
Warning!! New technology ahead Donny Wals
Best-practice iOS
An alternative solution to Wireframes and Coordinators: the State machine and it’s little helper Robert van Loghem, Sanne Noordzij
Architecture iOS
Voyage to Planet X – The lesser-known libraries of Kotlinx Severn Everett
Android Kotlin
Dapr 101: start building distributed applications with ease Marc Duiker
Backend Microservices
Frontend ❤️ OpenAPI Maarten Van Hoof
Backend Web
Using A/B Testing to improve your app Daniel Jilg
Best practices
Introduction to App Development with .NET MAUI Gerald Versluis
Cross Platform Maui
10:35 Coffee break 10:35
10:55 Navigating the AI Revolution: A Developer’s Guide to Staying Relevant and Valuable Adi Stein
AI Inspiration Tools
SOLID Principles in 5 Nightmares Simon Painter
Architecture Best practices
Building an async/await, testable, mockable network library Firas Safa
iOS Swift
Practical Jetpack Compose Performance Jamie Craane
Android Kotlin
API Governance Without Tears Lorna Mitchell
Backend Best practices
Building offline-first web and mobile applications Sebastien Stormacq
Frontend Swift Web
What have I learned about accessibility since the last time I was here? Daniel Devesa Derksen-Staats
One programming language from the floor to the ceiling Jérôme Van Der Linden
Backend Typescript Web
Podcast: keynote follow-up David van der Loo, Jeff Watkins
Inspiration Podcast
11:40 Room switch 11:40
11:50 The State of the Metaverse, and what it means for us as Mobile App Developers. Ennio Brands
API Dependency Management: the neglected child of app development Dimitri van Hees
SwiftUI: Love at First Swipe or Swipe Left? Zamzam Farzamipooya
iOS Swift
Using Compose Runtime to create a client library Fatih Giriş
Android Kotlin
Backend Blues? Protect Your Backend Resources from Abuse Lahiru Maramba
Backend Best-practice
Designers in the agency life: How we keep our cool in the volatile agency life Jos Vredeveld, Matthijs Klaver
Design Frontend
Exploring Passkeys: The Marathon to a Password-free World Dennis Hills
Best-practice Security
Building universal mobile and web apps with React Native Mo Khazali
Cross Platform
12:20 Lunch 12:20
Inspiration Pathe 1 Architecture Pathe 2 Apple Tech Pathe 3 Google Tech Pathe 4 Backend Tech Pathe 5 Development Tools Pathe 6 Best Practices Pathe 7 Multi platform Tech Pathe 8 Podcasts Pathe Lounge
13:15 Diagram your way to world domination! Martin Legris
Best practices
Deep Dive into Xcode Instruments Dominik Gail
iOS Tools
Jetpack Compose Slots – How to write deeply customizable UI components Filip Babić
Android Kotlin
Writing a full-text search engine in TypeScript Marco Ippolito
NoSQL Database for Mobile App’s Mohit Sharma
Android iOS
Native versus cross-platform API’s for accessible apps Jan Jaap de Groot
Observation-based product development using Flutter Mangirdas Kazlauskas
Cross Platform Flutter
14:00 Room switch 14:00
14:10 Why Every Developer Should Care About the Environment Manuel Carrasco Molina
Don’t fight the architecture Tom Colvin
Android Architecture
Type-Driven Design in Swift Alex Ozun
iOS Swift
To fold or not to fold Eliza Camber
Caching the uncacheable: delivering personalized experiences without sacrificing performance Thijs Feryn
Backend Performance
Node.js Project CI/CD Pipelines with GitHub Mohammad-Ali A'râbi
Backend Tools
Common Mistakes in UI Testing Alex Zhukovich
Best-practice QA
How we moved SDKs to Kotlin Multiplatform and saved the world (kind of). Zachary Powell
Cross Platform Kotlin
14:55 Coffee break 14:55
15:15 Learning in production (or why the Apollo 11 landing nearly failed) Michiel Rook
Best-practice Inspiration
The Composable Architecture: a blueprint for building better iOS apps Ibrahima Ciss
Architecture iOS
The perks of being on the wrist Hidde van der Ploeg
iOS Wearables
Imperative, declarative, object oriented, functional: four of a Kotlin kind Maia Grotepass
Android Architecture Kotlin
GraphQL As The Magic Glue For Your APIs Roy Derks
Human vs AI: How to ship secure code Joseph Katsioloudes
AI Tools
Mobile Security – Exploit, Obfuscate, Detect & Deceive Konstantinos Natsios
Android iOS Security
Combining Flutter with Protobuf to build a powerful mobile app Angga Dwi Arifandi
Cross Platform Flutter
Podcast: Developing for startups David van der Loo
Inspiration Podcast
16:00 Room switch 16:00
16:10 Infrastructure that contracts and expands at the speed of your business Gen Citro
Infrastructure Inspiration
Modular App Architecture Dylan Drost
Android Architecture
OpenSourced Apple Health Frameworks (Wow) Emad Ghorbaninia
Getting your apps ready for Material 3 Fatih Giriş, Odin Asbjornsen
GraphQL, REST or RPC? Making the choice! Rob Allen
Its time for PullRequest 2.0 Muralidharan Kathiresan
Decision-making for developers Rick Kuipers
Soft skills
Mobile Development in a Kotlin Multiplatform World Gijs van Veen
Android iOS Kotlin
16:40 Room switch 16:40
16:45 Being human in times of exponential technology Rens van der Vorst
Inspiration Keynote
17:30 Closing note 17:30
17:45 After Party 17:45