Decoding Legacy: A Journey Through Commit Messages

Ever felt the frustration of inheriting a codebase with introduced code that no one actually understands why they were added? Well, I get it.
This is not a talk about atomic commits or how to be a git ninja. It’s a journey of understanding that we are not writing code for ourselves, and even if we’re, we are humans, we forget things.
Having good commit messages on a project can be a time machine, saving hours of head-scratching when deciphering historical changes. Also, it impacts the code review process and improves day-to-day collaboration.
Let’s explore the “how” we can leave some small tips for our future self or future developers that will touch our code and, most importantly, the “why” we should do it.


Session info:

Speaker: Airton Zanon

Software Developer at Temper

Date: 15 maart 2024

Time: 16:10 - 16:40

Relevant tags:
Insights Stack-agnostic

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