Dockerizing PHP Applications (part 2)

Have you ever experienced bugs in production that were caused by missing PHP extensions or configuration that deviated from the development or test environment? Or have you been unable to upgrade once application’s PHP version because other applications on the same server were incompatible?

With Docker you can ship your applications as lightweight containers that contain both your PHP source code as well as PHP itself, its extensions, a web server, and the required configuration. That way, your application will work exactly the same in production as it does in development, and you can easily upgrade one application to a newer version of PHP without affecting other applications on the same server.

Whether you already have some basic experience with Docker or are completely new to it, this interactive workshop will teach you how to build and run your own production-ready Docker containers, while dealing with PHP-specific questions such as how to install and configure PHP extensions, how to use Composer to install dependencies, how to mount our code during development so that we can see changes real-time, and how to enable Xdebug during development.

To not waste time during the workshop you are expected to bring your own laptop with Docker already installed, and during the workshop you are expected to have some basic knowledge of the command line and Linux commands.


Session info:

Speaker: Nic Wortel

Software Consultant, Trainer & Coach at Self employed

Date: 12 maart 2024

Time: 13:30 - 17:00

Relevant tags:
Devops Docker

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