Getting the Most Out of PHPStan (part 1)

PHP is nothing like compiled languages. If you make a mistake, the program will crash when the line of code with the mistake is executed. When testing a PHP application, whether manually or automatically, developers spend a lot of their time discovering mistakes that wouldn’t even compile in other languages, leaving less time for testing actual business logic.

PHPStan is a popular static analyser focused on finding bugs in your code. By leveraging the strength of PHP type system further enhanced in PHPStan itself, developers can create robust applications and discover bugs early in the development process. The aid the tool provides during refactoring is also indispensable.

In this workshop, the attendees will learn how to install, configure and run PHPStan, and also receive tips how to write code so that PHPStan can be as powerful as possible. They will also be able to write their own PHPStan rules and extensions.


Session info:

Speaker: Ondrej Mirtes

PHPStan at PHPStan

Date: 14 maart 2024

Time: 09:00 - 12:30

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