Making architecture decisions, the Agile way

For many years, the waterfall model was the standard way of developing software. Engineering teams could spend months or even years on the architecture of a new project, before even a single line of code was written. Nowadays we know that this approach is flawed, and working in small iterations and continuous delivery have become the norm. But does that mean that we should just skip making architecture decisions altogether? Of course not!

In this talk we will look at how the Agile Manifesto and the principles behind it actually promote the making of conscious architectural decisions, and how we can include architecture in our software development process while avoiding Big Design Up Front. We will look at practical tools such as Architectural Decision Records which will help to make architecture decisions in a structured way, and document them so that we will still remember the reasoning behind them in a few years from now.

So join me in this talk to find out how you can make good architectural decisions that allow you to deal with changing requirements, while delivering working software to your customers as early as possible!


Session info:

Speaker: Nic Wortel

Software Consultant, Trainer & Coach at Self employed

Date: 15 maart 2024

Time: 13:15 - 14:00

Relevant tags:
Agile Stack-agnostic

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