Wearable, Shareable… Unbearable? The IoT and AI Tech Nobody Asked For but Cybercriminals Love!

In a world of 5G (no conspiracy theories please!) smartphones, smart TVs and smart homes, we’re inviting more tech into our lives than ever. We’re sleepwalking into a future nobody asked for, but maybe many fear. How always-on Microphones, Cameras and AI are creating a “digital panopticon” none of us probably want or need, unless you’re Amazon. Should we become “digital preppers”? Is the privacy and security risk so high, what are the stakes? This is an anthro-technologist view on how dumb an idea the smart revolution is and how we’ve eroded our social contracts in favour of big tech.


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Jeff Watkins

Speaker: Jeff Watkins

Chief Product and Technology Officer at Compromising Positions

Date: 15 maart 2024

Time: 15:15 - 16:00

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Lianne Potter

Speaker: Lianne Potter

Cyber Anthropologist, Head of Security Operations and technology podcast host @ Compromising Positions at Compromising Positions

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