Johan Huijkman

Johan Huijkman

Accessibility Engineer at Q42

Like no other engineer in the Netherlands, Johan knows how to integrate accessibility as a starting point in every digital product development. By thinking in terms of opportunities and inclusivity instead of limitations, his work at Dutch tech company Q42 is groundbreaking in many ways.

Johan’s main point: not only people with a long-term disability are confronted with situations in which interaction with digital tools is more difficult. Visual and other impairments affect everyone who is confronted with a situation in which they temporarily cannot see, look, use their hands, et cetera. In this way, Johan links accessibility to user-friendliness, broadening the target group.

He translates this vision into projects in a pragmatic way. By challenging the notion of limitation, he knows how to create awareness among colleagues and clients. His main drive is to make accessibility our common responsibility.

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