Marieke Van den Dungen

Marieke van den Dungen


Marieke uses a combination of eastern meditation techniques and western psychology which will help you find a calm mind and inner peace. Working with the body and breath she will let you discover ways how to stay connected with the present moment. With her down to earth approach she shows ways to calm your mind, to consciously relax your body and to deal with unpleasant situations and all kinds of stress related problems.

Marieke has been working for the wellness and fitness industry for over 10 years. By teaching Yoga, Pilates, Movement, Vipassana meditation and mindfulness she is aiming to provide a balance in keeping a fit body as well as a fit mind.

To deepen her mind and body work she became a full certified Mindfulness MBSR Trainer and now helps others to find more balance in life by leading Mindfulness courses for students at Breda University of Applied Science and in live setting at Studio Melt in Amstelveen. Check for more info.

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