Why networking helps you reach your career goals

Networking is often seen as an unpleasant obligation, rather than something enjoyable. And it’s true – showing your personality and skills can feel highly uncomfortable. However, when you get over that uneasiness, you might be rewarded in terms of achieving your career goals and ambitions.

People and trust: key aspects of networking

Networking is all about people. You meet people you have never met before or chat with somebody you have not seen for a while. You might be able to help this person with something, and, in return, they can offer you their support with something else.

After people as a key aspect of good networking, there’s trust. If the networkers can trust each other, they are more willing to share ideas, make a connection and help each other further in achieving their objectives. It follows that networking can be a decisive factor in any career.

Be present at networking events

As the pandemic is not at the forefront of our minds anymore, we are increasingly able to meet people face-to-face again. These in-person interactions provide several benefits, including the possibility to expand your network. They also make it easier to find a mentor. Therefore, it is highly recommended to show up at networking events.

What can the extension of your network lead to? Here we’ve listed a few possibilities:

  • new business projects
  • job advancement
  • personal development
  • new or refreshed knowledge

In-person connections make a big impact on individuals. In other words, when career opportunities become available, people will first think back to meetings, chats and interactions at networking events rather than online conversations or connections made via social media channels like LinkedIn. So if you have made real, face-to-face connections, the chance that one of them will think about you for a certain role, opportunity or function is higher.

Furthermore, a lot of vacancies are simply not posted, particularly when it comes to higher-level jobs. Here, a network is crucial in terms of not missing out on high-quality business opportunities.

Find a mentor

Do you want to turbocharge your career? Finding a mentor is one of the best things you can do. A mentor will offer key insights and impart lessons that otherwise you might have learned through making mistakes.

What is the role of a mentor? A mentor will:

  • Help you work on specialised and relevant skills.
  • Answer specific questions about your field of work.
  • Provide you with helpful advice.

In-person contact is not necessary per se. Talking over the phone or by email can also be valuable. If you keep in touch, this connection could even lead towards a feeling of deep connection with the community in your field of work.

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