Imperative, declarative, object oriented, functional: four of a Kotlin kind

Humans have small working memory but good pattern matching skills. The problems we want to solve are large and complex. How can the approach we take make it easier to deal with complexity, especially if the approach is supported by the language we choose.

This talk is a comparative view of four interrelated programming paradigms: imperative, declarative, object oriented and functional Рfrom a Kotlin perspective.

This talk will cover in depth details of the language features that are especially suitable for each of the paradigms. It will highlight how each language feature helps to deal with complexity.

This talk may also contains:
* brief definitions
* snippets of software history


Session info:

Speaker: Maia Grotepass

Staff Engineer: Android principal at Luno

Date: 12 mei 2023

Time: 15:15 - 16:00

Relevant tags:
Android Architecture Kotlin

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