The schedule is complete!

We filled the last gaps and the Webdevcon schedule is now complete! On the schedule page you can find the schedule details for all days. We have 3 training sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday, 8 half-day and 1 full-day tutorial on Thursday and on Friday we have 58 conference sessions across 8 tracks. We still have tickets available for all days (you can buy a passe-partout for all days or buy individual days). Note 1: For Thursday a number of sessions have been fully booked. To make sure you still have choices if you book a 4-day ticket, we [...]

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Why networking helps you reach your career goals

Networking is often seen as an unpleasant obligation, rather than something enjoyable. And it’s true – showing your personality and skills can feel highly uncomfortable. However, when you get over that uneasiness, you might be rewarded in terms of achieving your career goals and ambitions. People and trust: key aspects of networking Networking is all about people. You meet people you have never met before or chat with somebody you have not seen for a while. You might be able to help this person with something, and, in return, they can offer you their support with something else. After [...]

november 29th, 2022|Categories: News, Webdevcon|

The pros and cons of domain-driven design

The pros and cons of domain-driven design When preparing business cases, developing ideas and implementing software solutions, software developers like to modernise without having to reinvent the wheel. A well-known technique for doing this is domain-driven design, or DDD. By using a common language (ubiquitous language), a design (or “domain model” is created. By defining themes, the subjects (entities) are described. This is done without reference to the solution itself (technology and software architecture). Eric Evans is a pioneer within the field of domain-driven design. According to him “[e]very model represents some aspect of reality or an idea of [...]

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A technical app challenge? Yes, please!

Egeniq is one of the leading app development agencies in the Netherlands. We are at the forefront of innovation and distinctive techniques. We also provide companies with app consultancy, i.e., analysing your app (ideas) or reviewing an app that is already under development, has just been implemented, or has been in the air for years. If you want to make sure that your app works perfectly, we help companies with technical advice. We can show you what can be improved at each stage of an app’s lifecycle. In addition, we can present alternatives and outline what you can expect [...]

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Why attend Webdevcon

“Webdevcon is a powerful, inspiring meeting of app developers for app developers.” The latest technical insights When you visit Webdevcon, you will listen to various keynote speakers and participate in interesting masterclasses and interactive workshops. The way to stay informed of the latest technical insights. Learn from heavyweights Leading developers from across the technology sector in the broadest sense of the word share their views on the challenges, solutions and opportunities for the future of the European technology sector. Discover emerging technologies Discover how the technology contributes to building resilience. Resilience that enables organizations and economies to respond faster and [...]

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Advantages and disadvantages of being a developer

A career with a high salary, solving world problems every day and appreciation from society. Working as a developer seems to be the holy grail. However, there are also disadvantages to working as a developer. We have listed the most mentioned advantages and disadvantages for you here. Handy to explain exactly what you do on birthdays. Or if you have the skills and are considering doing something with it. Egeniq makes smart apps for various platforms and devices, such as smartphones and wearables. We think it is important that it makes you happy. Because we also know the advantages [...]

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